The 5 Most Common Materials Used In Stamford CT Commercial Roofing

As a Stamford CT Commercial Roofing company we understand that roofs come in many shapes, forms, sizes and materials. Many variables and factors come into play with each project. From specific needs, requests and budget constraints, there are always things to consider before anyone makes any decisions to begin working. Our aim has always been to help our clients make the best informed decisions on any commercial roofing project we take on in Connecticut.

The specific type of roof your commercial property has plays an important factor in the overall health of the building, the project itself and the longevity of the roof as a whole. The surrounding environment can also play an integral role in how well your commercial roof holds up over the long run. So many factors can also affect roofs from harsh weather conditions and other unexpected variables such as foliage problems, animals, etc. With this in mind, using the highest quality materials is of the utmost importance. Most commercial roofs are either flat or low slope.


Metal Commercial Roofing is a very popular roof type because there are so many different types and options when it comes to choosing the metal materials that are available for these types of roofing systems. Metal roofs provide many Stamford CT businesses durability and longevity that is always important with such an important investment for your commercial property. Metal Roofs can have rusting issues hence protective surface layers are added to manage damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight and additional environmental damages that can and do occur with time. Metal roofing is a popular choice for many Stamford Commercial Roofing Contractors because of its attractive, modern feel and aesthetics. In addition to a great look and modern feel, metal roofs have better reviews when it comes to fires. Many Stamford businesses like this added safety net when considering what type of roof is the best decisions for their commercial property. Metal roofs ensure a sustainable, durable  design for any commercial building and is always stronger than any traditional commercial alternative that we use in the commercial roofing industry. If you’re in town, rest assured that 1Stop 360 will be the last Stamford CT Commercial Roofing company you’ll ever need for your commercial businesses.


BUR or Built Up Roofing as it’s most commonly known is a basic standard tar/gravel roof. BUR’s are typically designed and built with various layers knows as piles.


Thermoset commercial roofing also known as EPDM offers Stamford businesses long lasting wear and tear durability. EPDM commercial roofs are oftentimes a popular choice because of their simple installation. This is a very appealing quality of going with EPDM roofing. The additional simplicity of the maintenance and upkeep is also appealing to many business owners when compared to many other types of commercial roof options. EPDM commercial roofs also provide some added benefits that should be considered if you live in colder temperatures. Living in Stamford CT, our winters cab be harsh and EPDM roofs may be a better option for many commercial property owners.


Bitumen commercial roofing has some pretty big advantages if you live in CT. Bitumen’s performance in cold weather is second to none. This is the type of commercial roofing system that you can count on during the most extreme weather here in Stamford. Bitumen material is designed to remain extremely flexible in the harshest conditions. When mercury levels fall below freezing, your commercial roof won’t have any problems. Bitumen does not become brittle in extreme cold weather and lower temperatures, and is less likely to crack and create leaks when compared to so many other commercial roofing options. Bitumen commercial roofs are also ideal if you experience heavy food traffic or maintenance,


Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing options are both lightweight, reflective, great with punctures and provide excellent weathering and resistance to UV lights. Thermoplastic roofing is great with providing resistance to various chemicals. Thermoplastic roofs are also great in reducing most types of bacterial growth. Other benefits when considering Thermoplastic roofs range from a high-temperature tolerance to high resistance to fire and winds during harsh seasons we experience in the North East.

Using the highest quality material are so important. When choosing your Stamford CT commercial roofing company, be sure they use the highest quality manufacturers and materials. When you work with us you know we only work with the best partners in the industry. Some of our commercial roofing partners are Certainteed and GAF among many others.

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